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Software Analysis, Development, Implementation, and Maintenance

NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC)
Central Office Purchasing and Financial systems programming in Caché. Maintenance and development of various modules including Capital Projects.

TD Ameritrade - Back Office System (BOS)
Financial services programming in Caché. Conversions, Drawdowns, and New Development modules.

Tech Lead for Large Projects such as Transfers of Account, OCC Option Contracts, and Mutual Funds Trades, FiServ Conversion, Taxes, Canada/Europe TD Waterhouse Migration.

Designed, Coded, and Unit Tested for TD Legacy Clearing Conversion and Large Mutual Fund conversion projects.
 Coded using Mumps, Cache, ASP, Weblink, Caché Server Pages (CSP), HTML, Javascript.

Converted millions of records as well as migrated thousands of transactions.
 Using IBM's ClearCase with Cache Studio as versioning software.
 Designed and Developed Cache code for smaller projects and production support.
 Projects followed Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as well as Agile Programming.

Veterans Administration - Scheduling Replacement Project
·    The Scheduling Replacement Project (SRP) is a re-engineering/re-hosting of the existing national scheduling application. It allows dozens of other applications to query patient, clinic, and other types of appointments beyond a clinic or medical center. This is the first national project to be implemented under the HealtheVet VistA suite of applications. This project is funded by the U.S. Congress and is contracted through CACI International, Inc.

·    Designed and Coded 4 out of the 5 Data Migration tools to convert Patient and Clinic Appointment data to the new Oracle database. Developed a dozen Encapsulation programs to hide from the end-user whether appointments are in VistA files or in the newly migrated database. Wrote the common error message module for all migrated options. Produced analysis, as well as, wrote numerous Software Requirements Specifications and Software Design Documents. Participated in team reviews of software and related documents.

·    Performed Software Quality Assurance of several functional options. Used Microsoft VSS (Visual Studio) and Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest to manage software documents and issues. Made analysis and gave recommendations for Introduction Video for National Release of SRP.

·    Additionally, helped define and execute a Proof of Concept for the Department of Defense in Washington, DC for CACI.
Veterans Administration - Billing Aware Project
·    Billing Aware Project is a national billing initiative within the VA to help produce complete billing claims for the VA's patient electronic billing submission. This project was funded by the U.S. Congress and contracted through EDS Corp.

Veterans Administration - Billing Aware Project - Radiology Application
·    Assisted in design and development of billing related data for the VA's National Radiology application. Point of contact for issues related to the Radiology application. Duties included presentation to the nationally represented user's group as well as the overall Billing Aware Coordination team, and to various directors.

·    Researched, coded, unit tested, delivered, and documented all related fields, screen, menu options and logic related to the Radiology application. Also, helped quality-test software at several field offices.

·    Implemented HIPAA compliant code as well as code set versioning into the Radiology software.

·    Utilized VA FileMan, VA Kernel, VA Forum, and other VA packages and utilities.

·    Integrated Radiology patient workload data with the VA outpatient Patient Care Encounter and the VA inpatient Patient Treatment File databases for easy accessibility of the VA Integrated Billing system.

Foster Care Organization - Software Database
·    Re-Designed and Re-Developed full Foster Care Parent Payroll software module for major New York City foster care agency. Module captures appropriate child billable information in real-time. At month end, payroll produces checks for foster parents.

·    Helped developed Medical/Needs Assessment/Visit Compliance module needed by Social Workers in the field.

·    Configured VAX to house three separate applications: Fiscal Database, Child Database, Child Archive Database, Foster Parent Payroll, and Pharmacy. Also, configured VAX and VAX DSM application Menu Driven Backup application.

·    Required Reporting to state and city are handled through the Child application. In addition, monthly Billing reports are submitted to the city as well as Medicaid Processing to the state for reimbursement.

·    Interfaced patient related data with third-party pharmacy system.

Foster Care Organization - Y2K Conversions
·    Converted two New York City VAX DSM Foster Care Application Systems organizations to conform to Y2K requirements. Conversion included conversion of General Ledger and Fiscal related records as well as legacy software programs.

New York University Faculty Practice - Radiology Software
·    Developed Patient Exam, Billing, and Reporting software for New York University Faculty Practice Radiology department. Re-programmed Exam Room Monitor program. Technicians could track patients from their Front-desk Visit to Pre-Examination Process to Exam Room and onto to Billing. A special Delinquent feature was built-in to the Front-desk Visit procedure such that the application would alert the Front-desk and Back-office billing staff if a delinquent patient was at the front desk. This helped NYU FPR resolve lack of payment issues prior to any exam taking place.

·    Wrote special programs to help client Re-Bill for Outstanding Receivables that prior system did not allow them to re-bill for.

NYU Faculty Practice - Purchase Transactions Database
·    Created a Purchase and Monthly Order Transactions application in MS Access for NYU FPR Finance Dept. This application allows for Order Entry information, Check Requests, Purchase Orders, Standard Monthly Orders, and Invoices to be entered, tracked, and completed by the Finance Dept.

NYU Faculty Practice - Conversions and Interfacing
·    Transferred Billing Records in HL-7 format to third-party Cobol application. Other records such as diagnosis, tracking, etc. were transferred via specifications agreed upon myself and vendor. Converted Fiscal Records to Microsoft Access Database for Audit Retrieval purposes. Converted VAX DSM Legacy application to a Cache stand-alone PC.

·    Interfaced Billing with G/L application through VAX DSM an upload program created for the task. Upload option was created for Budget Table.

·    Created two Demos of Child VAX Legacy system to Cache in Windows NT: one is a Web version (using HTML, Javascript, and Cache ASP), and the other is a Dumb-Terminal look that is looks similar to the current VAX application.

·    Developed a transparent interface between VAX, Novell network, and a Unix machine to allow Radiologists ability to swipe Patient Exam Bar Code and retrieve Patient Exam online. Radiologists would dictate exam on a PC and file (using voice command) which would then print and file Dictation Report. Report would automatically be routed from DOS (using my DOS Batch files) through the Novell network to UNIX and finally to the VAX. System would historically record Exam Completion. The speed to retrieve the Patient Exam information was usually 2 to 3 seconds. The speed to file the Dictation Report was usually 5 to 10 seconds.

·    Configured a VAX 4000 and a Micro VAX 3400 to be Clustered and Shared so that when one machine failed the other would continue.

Various Client Systems Throughout U.S.:
Application Software Help Desk
·    Direct communication with Application Users. Telephone software application support for client users in the field. Recorded issues, grievances, and new requirements from users. Assisted application users with proper application training.

Client Application Liaison
·    Facilitated communication between Client and our company management. Documented client issues and requirements. Followed-up issues with both Client and Management. Traveled to various states to implement and receive project approval of software contracts.

Customer Software Maintenance Support
·    Direct contact with Application Users. Maintained current Health-related software application by programming modifications per user requests. Updated and Upgraded Legacy systems to comply with current Business requirements.

·    Worked as Software System Troubleshooter. Anticipated potential problems based on new Governmental Organizational requirements. Installed and tested Data Tree Mumps on Unisys hardware. Installed DSM (Mumps) on PDP and VAX hardware. Installed ISM and MSM on Unix and PC hardware. In addition, installed company proprietary health software on said hardware. Also, performed system application backup onto various removable media.

·    Maintained and Developed Mental Health, Psychiatric, as well as other Applications for many Health organizations such as: Taylor Manor in Ellicott City, MD; Cancer Care, Inc. in NY, and San Diego County Mental Health.

·    Converted from third party vendor databases to VAX DSM and Unix MSM databases for various organizations.

Billing Module Developer
·    Created MediCal Billing Module for California clients. Helped Develop and Modify Patient Billing Records database structure to properly store patient services, billable diagnosis, etc.

·    Interfaced Patient Billing Accounts Receivable with client General Ledger system.

·    Patient Billing programming includes Medicaid, Medicare, third-party, self-pay, HCFA-1500, UB92, and Magnetic Tape reporting.

Interfaced with user field laptops
·    Retrieved responses to questionnaires stored on laptops used by field social workers. Main application converted responses into Patient Historical data and stored information on main computer system. Also, retrieved paper scanned information and converted into proper historical related software records for reporting and use by SAS and SPSS researchers for Federal Target Cities Initiatives Contract.

New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
·    Performed six month full needs assessment, analysis and design of both current Cobol database and new operational requirements of New York State OMRDD (Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities) state-wide patient/client database system.

·    Programming team of about seven programmers to program per new specifications for NY OMRDD's new Central State-wide Database. Database also interacted with satellite offices around the state. Full system included Patient/Client Movement Tracking, Billing, Compliance, Diagnosis, Flexible Report Writing, and ability for Patient/Client Needs Assessments.

Federal Grants - Central Referral Database Systems
·    Constructed Central Referral System for Federal Target Cities grants recipients (Washington, DC, Baltimore, Atlanta and Los Angeles). Designed and programmed a Substance Abuse Central Referral Database. The Referral Databases had either clinics or satellite users with their own local database. Referrals were made at the client sites and uploaded to central database where Security and Confidentiality Rules dictated what client-sites could retrieve and report on. Software modules such as patient movement, doses, scheduling, billing, and outcome reporting was part of each database.

Using M-Technology (Mumps) since 1985 on various platforms such as: Unix, OpenVMS, and Personal Computers. Also, currently working with HTML, Javascript, and Cache ASP.